It’s Hard to Party When You Can’t Hear The Music

Summer is coming, and people are getting ready to party!


Many people come back from the club after hours of dancing with their friends to try and get some rest, but they fail, just because of the annoying ringing in their ears. If you are lucky enough, you will get over this in a couple of hours. But if not, you might be accompanied by this sound for the rest of your life, a problem known as tinnitus.

This is not a joke! It can happen!!!umf16b_011

We all learn Biology in school. We know that hearing loss is inevitable, and gets worse with age. But there is currently no way that to fix hearing loss. This is why our grandparents have trouble hearing what others say.

Figure-11High volume and sub-bass frequencies can do damage to the ears. And this kind of damage is beyond repair.


Air is the vehicle of sound. When sound waves enter the ear canal, hair cells are activated. The louder the sound is, the more dBs there will be, and a higher risk of damage to the hair cells. The hearing is damaged because of overuse of hair cells, which stops sound waves from spreading. Once the hair cell is damaged, it can’t be fixed.
If you are exposed to sound over 80dB for a long time, you will cause yourself irreparable damage to the ears. So damaging your ears now could mean bad hearing for life.lead_graphic_noise1-420x0

120dB a plane taking off
110dB concert
100dB construction site
70dB vehicles
60dB normal conversation
30dB peaceful countryside

So, if you like to party, go to concerts, festivals, or any occasion where the volume is too high, it can cause hearing damage.
We love to go to places like this, but are is it true that we are all going to be deaf soon?

No, no it’s not like that. You can enjoy the music if you take some measures to protect your ears.

Introducing… earplugs!


images-3These are not the normal sleeping earplugs!

Sponge earplugs can prevent some sound from going into your ears. But you can’t clearly hear the sound outside. What we are going to use is the earplug with a filter, specially made for musicians.

This kind of earplug doesn’t deliver the sound like the sponge earplugs. Instead, it uses a filter to lower the volume, while keeping the sound the same across the spectrum. The DUBS earplug, which looks great and has some cool technology, even has a Bluetooth version. You can even adjust the volume by Bluetooth on your phone! There is also a premium version. DJ’s and producers will often use custom-made earplugs.



This kind of earplug is comfortable to wear for long time, and will not bother DJ’s while using headphones. Of course it costs more. But if your work requires you to use your ears all the time, it’s necessary to get one.


Please, everyone, use earplugs to protect your ears.

PYRO invites all of you to enjoy your music in a safe way.


Articles written by PYRO Staff.

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