An Adventure at Midi Electronic Music Festival

Every music festival is an adventure. You never know what is going to happen, whether you’re going make new lifelong friends, or just get out of your comfort zone by dancing on a table. Midi Electronic Music Festival was an adventure. Starting right from the first bus ride to the venue, everybody had already become friends, and started this massive party together.69b47d90gw1f4p7w5gonqj21400qodv5

Day 1: The Allien Has Landed


The first day of the festival featured Berlin techno pioneer Ellen Allien as a headliner. The crowd went absolutely crazy for her! Her music and her charm allowed people to keep dancing all night until one of the staff literally said, “This is China, sorry we have to shut it down.”69b47d90jw1f4qh206tcaj20rs0ij0vp

Day 2: Netsky and Florian Meindl Light Up The Crowd

No surprises here, the crowds went crazy again on day two as Netsky and Florian Meindl took the stage. I guess people were just celebrating the fact that they made it through the first day.


The urban stage was on fire accompanying the fast tempos of of Netsky’s drum & bass set, while Florian Meindl’s techno brightened everyone’s mood at the electronic stage. More drinks and more friends, this is how the people got through the burning sun behind the clouds.


Let’s listen to one of Florian Meindl’s tracks:


Day 3: Swim The Tired Away

Day three, jumping into the pool in the morning seemed like a good idea for those who hadn’t showered at the festival yet. Although a lot of people left on the third day, those that were there still danced hard to the great music. If you start a party well, you have to end it well, right?



One drink, two drinks, three drinks, people are all together celebrating this moment, a moment that nobody would forget. A music festival is not just about the music itself, it’s a celebration of life. It unites people, it brings us together. When you hear people shouting “You got grass in my ice cream!”, you knew they were having a great time. 69b47d90gw1f4q79axxelj20rs0ijn1h

Dance Safe

Last but not least, safety is always a top concern for any music festival. There were a couple scary moments this time around, and nobody wants to see an ambulance. 69b47d90gw1f4r909yf4pj20rs0ij790

Be safe, party hard, but here are some tips for you follow:

1. Get familiar with the venue.

2. Stay hydrated.

3. If you go alone, make friends.

4. Drink responsibly

5. If you see or feel something’s not right, don’t hesitate to tell security

6. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen

7. Have fun and enjoy!



Articles written by PYRO Staff.

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