Dance Tokyo, For Freedom!

Remember when you were in Tokyo and wanted to have a night of boogie on the dance floor then the reality hits you right in the face: “no sir you can not dance here”?WTF?


Good news came in though, no more of that ridiculousness from now on. The well-documented and bemusing ‘fueiho’ law which prohibits dancing in night clubs has officially been lifted since last week, ending 67 years of unreasonably stringent law against the country’s youth.


The ban was put in place shortly after WWII to stop the widespread proliferation of prostitution, yet had soon became a constant headache for local promoters, club and punters, essentially the development and growth of the local culture scene.

Different from what we often think, the ban was never heavy handedly enforced. Yet clubs were regarded to be “adult entertainments” and were required to get special permit.

FACT reports that: “Venue owners will have the option to apply for permits to operate as Yukyo Inshokuten Eigyo (Nighttime Entertainment Restaurant Operations) but these establishments must be located outside of residential areas and they must meet specific lighting requirements.”

One of Japan’s very local dance music pioneer Ryuichi Sakamoto has been tirelessly pushing the revoke of the law that eventually lead to the approval for the lifting of the ban by the Japanese House of Commons a year ago which went into effect last week.

So there you go Tokyo. Get out and dance for freedom!


Articles written by PYRO Staff.

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