Ghost Producer Strikes Back

For those that may not be aware, there’s a phantom tumor that’s been growing inside the EDM industry, they can’t be seen by the naked eye and are virtually impossible to discover to nearly every average fan without the inside scoop. However, although it may not be easy to see, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Some “DJs” who possess little to no talent utilize these secret entities as a path to stardom. I am talking of course, about Ghost Producers.


Tech-Savvy, sound engineering, electronic music producing balls of talent that desire neither fame nor stardom, exist in the opposite spheres of the scene. They rather they prefer a financially comfortable life where they work at their own pace. Look at Martaan Vorwerk who’s ghost produced over a 100 songs for DJs that fans like you and I may call our “favorites.” He happens to enjoy a majestic life living beachside on a small island called Ibiza. Martaan can party all hours of night at Ushuaia or Amnesia and sleep in until 3pm the following day, or if he so chooses, do jack shit all day. All he has to do is occasionally make a beat or two in his state of the art studio aka playground. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 640-2

Or perhaps you’d prefer the high life, being a celebrity and touring all over the world? The proper [PYRO] way is to build a musical foundation and produce your own tracks, be original and learn that boring music theory subject, learn sound composition and engineering. However, if you’d like to take the shortcut like some of the EDM DJs are taking now days, then call up your trusty Ghost Producer to get started!


*Reader Question*

Comment below which you would prefer: the laid back lifestyle living anywhere you’d like in the world working at your own pace as a Ghost, or experience the celebrity routine traveling around the world to DJ at all the clubs and festivals you could handle?


While there are many Ghosts in the industry, a few top producers regularly push out tracks that are used most frequently and climb to the highest spot on the charts. One of them is a UK resident named Ashley Wallbridge, he’s created countless Top 10 Beatport bangers that were played around all corners of the world, yet nobody knows who he is. Ashley wants to change that however, he doesn’t want to be hidden Ghost anymore; he now wants to be a well-known  “CVNT”.


Ashley the friendly Ghost has teamed up with his long time friend and highly successful DJ, Gareth Emery to form a new satirical super duo properly titled “CVNT5.” The name reflects the project acts as a mockery of a deep seeded issue in the industry from its inception. Their first release, self-titled CVNT5, is paired with a hysterical music video that pokes fun at the EDM industry and the few actors that comprise this subject.

Not sure about you, but I already can’t wait for the follow up sequel to that music video.


Here’s what Ashley Wallbridge personally had to say about the project:

Q: The CVNT5 project makes fun of the pandemic ghost producing issue, yet you are a participant in this having ghost produced several #1 songs. How do you reconcile this?

A: “We didn’t make any statement about ghost producing, we just made what we thought was a funny as fuck video that was a satire of a lot of the clichés in dance culture today. We’re laughing as much at ourselves as other people, a lot of the content for the video comes from stuff Gaz and I have actually done ourselves (maybe not the pissing in the fans’ faces part).”

Q: Near all genres of music have other producers/engineers/songwriters/musicians involved in the process – what makes ghost producing in dance music a separate, icky issue? 

A: “Producing for someone else is not an issue at all. As you say, it happens in all other genres – 99-percent of pop music won’t be produced by the artist fronting the act. But there is a big difference. If you look at the album credits, these people are always named. Ghost production means you sign an NDA [a non-disclosure agreement], and you can never mention your part in the record, and you will never receive any credit. You don’t build a discography, you don’t build a reputation… you’re a  ghost. Imagine if Michael Jackson had Quincy Jones sign an NDA for example, and claimed to produce his own work. What would Quincy’s reputation be today? Nothing. Instead, he is one of history’s most renowned producers.”


Q: In an ideal world would there be no ghost producing, or do you see the need for it?

A: “In an ideal world people would be credited for producing, engineering and co-producing so they can build their reputation. The uncredited NDA bullshit should stop. It’s also really unauthentic; you are selling the fans something totally fake. All these young kids thinking you’re a shit hot producer when actually you can’t even make a basic demo.”

Q: How did CVNT5 come to be?

A: “A drunken conversation down at the pub. Where else do great ideas come from?”





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