Next Top 100 Chinese DJs?

The annual polling for DJ Mag Top 100 DJs has officially started again! This is the time of year DJs start eagerly promoting themselves. What’s different about this year’s polling is that DJ Mag has opened up Weibo log in for Chinese voters. This act proves to the world that DJ Mag values the development of electronic music culture in China.


The final list will be announced during the Amsterdam Music Festival in October. In this year, you will not only see the familiar headliner DJs but also some local Chinese DJs. One thing that you probably don’t know is that the voting is only a part of the criteria. Number of tracks that have been released and number of bookings will also be counted toward the criteria. So which Chinese DJ is most likely to get into TOP 100? Let PYRO music tell you what we think.



19-year-old half Italian, half Chinese DJ Giorgio Carta was born in Shanghai. He has stolen countless girls’ hearts with his adorable looks. This year, he was signed by the world’s most popular electronic music label, Spinnin’ Records, and has become the first major label signed Chinese DJ.


Up until now, Carta has released 3 singles with Spinnin, and “Th3 One” scored top 3 in Progressive House on Beatport. He also played in many parties during UMF Miami for Spinnin.



Born in a musical family,  Chace started learning to play drums at the age of 2, and even performed in his father’s band for a few years. His songs have over 26 million plays online. In Baijia Music Awards, his collaboration with Momo Wu and Tsunano “No Confusion” has reached 500,000 plays.640-5

This year, Chace collabrated with Yellow Claw to release the single “Stranger”, which reached #6 on the iTunes top charts. He has also joined the lineup of Barong Family Stage in Tomorrowland as the first Chinese artist. When this news came out, Chace expressed how greatful he was on Weibo.


DJ Chill

DJ Chill has a great reputation in the industry and was invited to be at the Ultra stage.Last year DJ Chill played at Ultra Japan and was invited again this year in Ultra Korea. His popularity is undoubted.



DJ L is the music producer at Myst, the 60th best club of 100 top night clubs. He attended Ultra Korea in 2014 and went to Club Space as the guest DJ representing Myst. His tour in Asia also proved his DJ skills; stops on that tour included WDJF in Korea in May, Club Ageha in Japan in June. You can also see him in Zouk in Singapore.



JIN is an international DJ team formed in 2014. The team consists of two music producers, ViKiJiN from Russia and Evin King from Shanghai China Viki is responsible for lyrics and melody writing, Evin is for producing.



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