What Is A “Mashup”?

A mashup is a combination of two or more songs blended together into one song. Similar to a remix, a DJ or producer will often combine different vocal lines or instrumental tracks to create one seamless composition. It is often done to transform popular songs into different genres.


Unlike a standard remix, a producer does not necessarily put his own musical ideas into the piece to make a mashup, all parts are generally taken from the songs that are being “mashed”.

Listen to this awesome mashup of Above & Beyond and Porter Robinson on PYRO Music:

For you producers out there, you should note that making mashups is generally against the copyright rules, unless you have permission from both artists. Of course, it’s pretty common practice in the DJ world, and unlikely to cause a problem.

PYRO Music has a whole chart dedicated to the current most played mashups and edits. Click HERE to check out the list!




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