Chosen By Dannic, “Light The Sky” Contest Winners

All the way back on June 1st of this year, PYRO announced a collaboration with world-renowned producer Dannic to offer a remix contest for one of his biggest singles “Light The Sky”. Dannic wanted to bring his Chinese fans closer, and wanted to give China-based producers the opportunity to put an Asian spin on one of his tracks.


Now, without further ado, we announce the winners! The first three were all chosen by Dannic himself, the last three were chosen by the fans, based on the number of likes each track received. Dannic’s choice will win an official shoutout and thank you from his social media pages, the fan choice will receive some Dannic signed gear!

Dannic’s Choice

#1 – Keykid

The contest winner, and Dannic’s #1 choice is Keykid, with his electro house remix! The song has some heavy synths and a hard-hitting hook, and mellows out in the middle with some traditional Chinese sounds. Great remix all around!

Keykid is an up-and-coming EDM producer from Dongguan, Guangdong, currently living in Shanghai. He plays electro house, progressive house, trap and K-Pop.

#2 – FOM

Dannic’s #2 choice comes from producer FOM. Their track takes on the future house style, sometimes pitching the voice sample down to match the slower groove and deep bass. The chorus of the song takes up the energy, with an interesting synth melody and a great feel.

FOM is from Nanjing, China, producing electro house, progressive house and future house music.

#3 – NLVi

Dannic’s #3 choice comes from the duo NLVi. This one takes a different approach to the song, staying more true to the original progressive house feel. Their version features longer sweeping pads and a softer breakdown leading into a dancefloor-ready chorus that makes for a great anthem.

NLVi are a DJ and producer duo from Singapore made up of Nova Lee and Sebastian Leon. Nova, originally from Taipei, spent years as a touring DJ before joining NLVi, while Sebastian’s background is as a studio musician.

Listener’s Choice

#1 – STRK

The remix with the most likes comes from STRK, who does the song in an electro house feel. It starts off with a strong symphonic string melody line, with a driving chorus complemented by a heavy drumbeat.

STRK is originally from Brazil, and currently lives in Shanghai, producing dubstep and future house music.

#2 – M3SSIAH

M3SSIAH took the #2 spot for most likes, with a progressive house version that complements the original song well. The chorus is the most notable section of the song, coming with the instrumental parts sounding like its from a distant radio, before kicking in with a jumpy and exciting vibe that carries throughout.

M3SSIAH is a young, highly talented producer from Shanghai, currently living and studying music in Miami, USA.

#3 – Rikou

RIKOU aka R7CKY comes in at #3 for the listeners choice, with a softer progressive house remix. This version features a catchy chord progression that flows throughout the song, and very unique synths and pads that give a different feel to the song. The song builds up to a big chorus which is perfect for any dancefloor.

RIKOU is a local Shanghai producer and DJ, and was the previous winner of the Booka Shade Remix Contest last year.


Congratulations to all 29 people who entered!

Stay tuned to PYRO Music for the next contest!

Click HERE to listen to the playlist of all the entries!

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