[PYRO SHOWcase]Shanghai Event Organizer and Techno Train Manager — Lina K

PYRO will feature one venue or event organizer located in China to share with our followers. There are thousands of clubs throughout China with a steady growth of events and festivals inside and outside venues and the typical environment. This new feature will bring to light all their unique approaches to the nightlife scene.

This week of PYROs “SHOWcase of the week” will be focusing on Lina K: a DJ and event organizer under Techno Train located here in Shanghai. Lets check out how she operates her functions and events.


Q:Hey Lina! Its great to have you featured this week, can you tell us a little about your background and where you’re from for those that may not know you?

A:I was born in Chisinau, Moldova. I was a crazy raver back when I was growing up as a teenager, but not yet in the underground scene since it didn’t really exist there. I primarily listened to Trance if you can believe that. Once I graduated with my fashion degree I got a work contract out here in China and thats when I really got introduced to Techno through my friends here in Shanghai. Most of them happened to be techno DJs and they heavily influenced me. The rest is history.

Q:How long have you been in China and what are your thoughts on the scene here?

A:I’ve been in China 5 years. What can I say about the scene here without talking about mainstream EDM clubs again; I will admit that I can see the underground music and techno scene steadily growing and hope it continues to grow at this rate. And more importantly I hope the chinese people are the ones making the crowd grow by being more into techno music. We are in China after all and can’t be focused on foreigners here!

Q:What is Techno Train and what is its purpose?

A:Techno Train is a party concept to support techno DJs based here , its not about international bookings. I believe there is already a huge database of great DJs and producers, both Chinese and foreign, that will grant more opportunities for them.


Q:When did you first get into electronic music and what motivated you to take the next step with organising Techno Train events?

A:Well when the idea first time Techno Train came into my mind it wasn’t a long term plan, I mean I wanted to do only one party in order to book my friends to play in one venue, and because the first one went so well I decided to do it again a second time, then a third time and so on. But its no easy task to promote it in a good way without much effort!

Q:How has the support been from the local community since Techno Train’s inception?

A:I am so pleased from all the music lovers support here and that attendees continue to bring more and more friends. Also, want to give a big thanks for PYRO because I remember since the first time we met you guys you were all about supporting my events in any way you could. This is the only and the best way of promoting it when the community and friends support what you’re doing so we don’t push anyone to come just because they want to come or get dragged by their friends, rather because they love Techno.

Q:You just had a huge Halloween party on Saturday the 29th of October, can you tell us a little bit about the Bunker?

A:The Bunker Party was a collaboration between 3 crews: Changhai Wax Council, Techno Train and French Bangers. To be honest, the guys did a lot to make that party happen, I just was a lucky one who managed the venue and was contacted to help organise something. So I wanna give a big thanks to Niko of French Bangers, JC from Changhai Wax, along with Mate Mate and Estrella Galicia.


Q:Did you feel there was a void for Halloween parties here in Shanghai before The Bunker?

A:Yes and no, there were plenty of a halloween club events, but as far as BIG parties there was really only Mansion, which is super fun and great. However, yeah this was kinda cool that there wasn’t much competition, like this year Intro Shanghai was on the same day, but our event became an after party.

Q:Which qualities would you say a good party have?

A:For me, a good party is prioritized as DJ line up first, further its not only about who is playing, but its also how the set times are arranged. Second is of course the sound system, what good is a talented DJ if he doesn’t have a sound system that can support his frequencies? Then third is and venue and layout, darkest is the best in my opinion, like Tag in Chengdu, or Echo Bay of Chongqing.

Q:Can you share an experience of a horrible party experience that you’ve been to or DJed at any point in your life is borderline funny?

A:Well for me horrible party is when its totally empty and as sad as it is to say, I have to admit one of my Techno Trains events had like 3 people over the course of the whole night! But one of those 3 people ended up becoming my future boyfriend so I cant complain at all!

Q:Whats next for Techno Train or DJ Lina K? Any goals you would like to accomplish by the end of the year?

A:Next step for techno train is to finally to build up and surround myself with a team because its becoming difficult for me to do everything alone. Fortunately, I’ve always had a bit of help from my friends (shout out to Industrial Magic for the great trailers and everything they’ve done for me with visuals).

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