Shangai Trap & Hip-hop Queen A$UKA Releases New Songs, Exclusively on PYRO Music!

When you talk about to trap or hip-hop female DJs in Shanghai, A$UKA’s name is sure to come up. PYRO Music invited her to live stream to show off her skills a few months ago. Before that, she also participated in the 2016 Pioneer DJ competition, placing in third in the country. But she is not only a DJ, she is also a great producer, and has given PYRO her newest songs. Let’s talk with her a bit about producing!

Q:Is this the first time you have made your own songs?
A:It is not the first time; before I did some things, like the samples and demos. Now I’m working gradually improving the feeling I want my songs to have.

Q:What are your thoughts about becoming a producer?
A:I just want to make good music, it’s interesting, although it is not easy and sometimes there is frustration. Still, if I make a good song, I feel a sense of accomplishment.


Q:What are some difficulties when producing music?
A:The biggest difficulty is when you make something on the first day, then the next day you don’t like the way it sounds; things like this happen repeatedly. Sometimes I want to throw everything out and start from the beginning. Now many producers are self-taught, so its hard to avoid dead ends. I am no exception, and some days the songs don’t come out the way you want.

Q:Are you satisfied with your own productions?
A:I’m not completely satisfied, I can only say that I am accumulating experience and practice, and at the same time my learning results in a record. Each time it is good to have progress from the last time, and this down-to-earth feeling makes me more confident to do it well.


Q:Where do you get your inspiration from?
A:Inspiration is an instant thing, and you don’t get the feeling all the time. Sometimes I hear a song and get some inspiration, sometimes I just think of something all of the sudden. Talking with friends can also give me some ideas. Anyhow, inspiration should always be recorded instantly, rather than looking back at it.

Q:What’s the difference between a producer and a DJ?
A:What they have in common is the sharing and dissemination of music, all the technical and physical work that goes into it. But the differences are many; DJs must have rich experience in the field and the ability to adjust what they’re doing on the fly, so they can control the atmosphere. Even if your set list is ready, different sites and groups will use different songs, unless you are a very famous DJ. Producing is more behind the scenes, making a song to express your emotions. You can take a long time to express things that will become clear in your music, at the same can also catch the instant inspiration, apply more free time. If you have are satisfied, you can also change, this way a DJ’s and producer’s difference is big. So a good DJ is not necessarily a good producer, and a good producer is also not necessarily a great DJ.


Q:What are your plans for the future?
A:After I make this first EP, I will see the feedback from it so I can more clearly find my shortcomings. When you’re the one making songs, it’s hard to see the bigger picture. Once the song is finished, I may not know whether it’s good or not, so I need to listen to the opinions of other people, I don’t make songs just for me to listen to, I am eager to get recognition.I hope I am good enough to do some collaborations with other excellent musicians.



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