Amare (Tomorrowland x Brussels Airlines)

Tomorrowland has a specially designed flight every year, this year they revealed the plane on February 23. Let’s take a look at the PLUR plane and see what it has to offer.


Brussels Airline designed this special plane Amare; the company had this to say about Tomorrowland, ‘Tomorrowland lets people of all countries in the world to gather, about 200 countries of the world’s population, will join for a memorable weekend together. If there are no flights to transport passengers, this festival cannot exist.’

For Brussels Airlines, Tomorrowland is a very important festival, and they made the Amare according to its theme. It took nine months to design and make. The team, after 2 weeks without sleep, finished the decoration.

Amare’s Meaning

What is the meaning of Amare? “Unity, Love and Friendship” In addition to Amare, they say “We are one world. Like Tomorrowland, Amare means: Live Today. Love Tomorrow. Unite Forever.

Amare’s purpose is “to allow people all over the world to come together and spawn a new friendship and find new adventures.”

Inside the flight

Amare is not just an ordinary plane, it will bring everyone’s hearts together. Tomorrowland’s ideals of love, friendship and unity are deeply imprinted on it.

The plane is not just themed on the outside. Inside the flight, you will find Tomorrowland brochures and stickers, and each seat is equipped with a Tomorrowland related music program, taking the Amare you will really begin to feel the Tomorrowland music tour.

What do you think about Amare?
And the PLUR Rave flight?
Would you want to take this plane?


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