Take Over 单曲混音大赛的最终赢家是……

全部参赛作品已被接受并提交给FractaLL,现在他已经做出了选择。FractaLL选出Roktepux作为大奖获得者。他将得到不仅仅是1000元奖金,更有PYRO首页广告,PYRO Pro认证!

原曲的元素被保留的同时,他也加入了自己的风格。印象深刻的是,他两个不同的Drop,第一个是future bass,而第二个则是加了Moombahton 独特的元素。


同时 SPIRIT 的作品也被选中为第二名



像Doorly, James Zabiela, Seven Lions等艺人都是从remix大赛中获得很大的机遇。

比如,Seven Lions在2011年的beatport上参加了Above & Beyond的remix大赛。混了”You Got To Go.他的作品不仅赢了比赛,并让他和Above & Beyond联系到了一起,甚至还在beatport Dubstep榜上爬到了第二名呆了6周,这首歌当时也仅次于Skrillex混Avicii的Levels。

这首混音在2011年12月21日在Anjunabeats厂牌发行。Seven Lions的第一次巡演在2012年3月开始,并和dubstep DJ Gemini 和 Koan Sound 一起出现在UKF 巡演中。


总之,PYRO推荐你参加每一个Remix大赛,也不仅仅是我们的比赛,也许有一天你也可以像Seven Lions一样写下自己的成功故事。

All dozen submissions have been accepted and submitted to FractaLL for review and the decision has been made!

FractaLL has selected Roktepux as the Grand Prize Winner!

He is entitled to not only ¥1000 but also a homepage banner dedicated to his remix, a free PYRO PRO badge upgrade and much more!

The main elements of the original song were kept while putting his own style on his remix. Impressive to see two completely different drops, first one being future bass with the second adding some moombahton percussive elements.

FractaLL chose the Spirit remix as the runner up based on the club readiness and production quality.
PYRO Music in collaboration with FractaLL would like to thank all the hardworking producers that put in the effort to take their music career to the next stage by entering the contest. Many DJs around the world are discovered every day by the remix contests that are organised by larger record labels and successful DJs.

Artists like Doorly, James Zabiela, Seven Lions and many others got their big break from winning remix contests.

For instance, Seven Lions entered the Above & Beyond official remix competition on a whim via Beatport in 2011, remixing their track “You Got To Go.” The track not only won the remix competition, which led to Seven Lions becoming officially involved with Above and Beyond, but the track also sat at #2 on Beatport’s Dubstep chart for over 6 weeks! The track was only under one of the most epic dubstep tracks ever made – Skrillex’s remix of Avicii’s “Levels.”

The remix was officially released on their Anjunabeats label on December 21, 2011. Seven Lions’ first major tour then started in March 2012, when he hit the UKF Tour with dubstep DJs Gemini and Koan Sound.

Do you understand the magnitude of this story and how quickly he went from entering the remix contest one month to being signed on Anjunabeats and touring the world 3 months later?

In summary, PYRO recommends that you enter EVERY remix contest, not only competitions that we organise so that you too, can have an amazing success story such as Seven Lions!

In the meantime, keep practicing and honing in on your production skills as we prepare the next contest bridging China based producers with international record labels and DJs!


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