Artist Spotlight: Dillon Nathaniel


There’s a reason why house music has stood the test of time, outlasting all of the fickle trends and sub genres that have come and gone over the years. There’s an elementary nature to it — 4/4 time, grooving basslines, tempos relatively contained to a certain BPM window — that began decades ago in Chicago and has remained engrained in the musical tradition ever since. But while the skeleton of house music is eternal, it’s the outer muscular system that is ever-evolving and built upon by each new generation of musicians.

Rising Los Angeles-based producer Dillon Nathaniel understands this storied history of house music, as Dillon recalls his father introducing him to the likes of Carl Cox, Sasha, and other legends of the genre before his 10th birthday. While in high school, Dillon’s dad brought him to EDC, and from there, the young musician channeled his musical background in guitar and audio engineering into a dedicated approach to contemporary house music.

Today, Dillon Nathaniel finds himself as an increasingly key figure in the new generation of house music makers, as, after a stint at the Icon Collective production school, Dillon’s unique take on the genre has quickly found support from stalwarts of the scene including Chris Lake and Destructo as well as the more bass-heavy figureheads like AC Slater and Tchami. His dark, driving productions have seen release on Night Bass, Main Course, This Ain’t Bristol, and most recently, Tchami’s Confession, where Dillon released three new originals this morning as the Nirvana EP.

By staying true to the rudimentary attributes of house while wholly reimagining certain aspects and sounds to fit a modern lens, Dillon Nathaniel has quickly positioned himself as a forger of dancefloor weapons for those carrying the genre to new frontiers.

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My name's Anthony, a 27 year old from California thats balls deep in electronic music. After going to my first rave [EDC] way back when, I was forever changed. I'm all about DJing, producing and always on the hunt for new talent and organizing parties. I'm a sucker for anything with a fat bassline whether its Techno, G-house, or dubstep, I don't discriminate.

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