Hercules (嗨酷乐) 中国巡回课程

Punx 是南通地下club the void的创始人,在今年结束了繁忙的俱乐部管理工作开始全身心投入音乐工作. 他自幼学习乐器,2012年之前 先后在多个乐队担任吉他手 贝司手/采样. 在过去的几年,你可以看到他的身影出现在国内各大音乐节上包括 midi 草莓 太湖 阴阳音乐节.并在2016年 参加荷兰阿姆斯特丹ADE音乐节 和法国巴黎Rinse Fm radio show.

Punx is a name that often come out when we talk about underground music in China. Founder of The Void, first Underground Club in Nantong, Jiangsu, Punx was formally member of the live band Space Drug as a bassist He turned into Electronic Music in 2011. Over the past years, Punx has made his reputation to become one of the main figures in China pushing underground music. He has played for most of the music festivals in China (MIDI, Strawberry, YinYang, Taihu), and performed last year in Holland for the Amsterdam Dance Event and in Paris for RINSE FM.

Punx 经常会用Hercules P32演奏出诡异音色的吉他 .

Punx is versatile. Feeling bored playing with only 2 CDJ, he can play Hercules P32 with live software, a Tech House Techno live set.

作为此次巡演的另一个目的在于帮助更多的年轻人开始自己的爱好,将在一些城市开展针对0基础的年轻人dj入门课程,课程的主要内容是dj软件的下载和使用.本次活动受到法国Hercules 品牌支持将会在现场提供dj设备的支持,并且我们可能会在课程现场送出入门dj控制器.

For this tour, Punx will be supported by HERCULES, French company focus on controllers for beginners DJs. He will be giving free classes to introduce the basics of Djing to any one interested !

如果你对课程感兴趣 可以扫描以下二维码

These classes will take part in the following cities:

Beijing: REC ROOM
Chengdu: HWG
Guangzhou: HANGOVER
Nantong: THE VOID
Hangzhou: LOOPY

If you are interested to join the class in your city, please contact us now:


More About Hercules:

DJHerculesMix: Digital Core. Analog Roots

Hercules: Digital Core. Analog Roots?

三十多年来,我们始终专注于创新和开发数字音频解决方案,以无限可能性不断地启发用户。我们秉承在模拟音频方面的根基,提供了各种尖端设备,以其卓越的精度和音质倍受赞誉。从我们的第一块声卡到最新的高科技混音控制器,DJHerculesMix 已逐步建立了音频行业内广泛认可的专业技能和知识。

For over 30 years, we have focused on innovating and developing digital audio solutions which continue to inspire users with endless new possibilities. We constantly draw on our roots in analog audio, in order to offer cutting-edge devices, celebrated for their precision and sound quality. From our very first sound card to our latest high-tech mixing controllers, Hercules has built up a level of expertise and know-how widely acknowledged within the audio industry.

相对于模拟音频长达一个半世纪的发展历史而言,数字音频还处于初步发展阶段,而我们正沿着新的道路朝着我们的宏伟蓝图前进。理解并遵循品牌的创建初衷,同时敏锐地继续专注于音频和 DJ 发展,是指引我们向前的理念:Digital Core. Analog Roots.

With the digital audio era still in its early stages (considering analog audio’s more than a century and a half of history), we find ourselves facing a new path whose direction is ours to chart. Acknowledging and respecting where we come from – while at the same time remaining keenly focused on the evolution of audio and DJing – is the philosophy which guides us every day: Digital Core. Analog Roots.

所有的好朋友们让我们在各地相遇,我们和Sierra tequila 公司保持着良好的合作关系,也就是说我们肯定可以在一起喝几个shots!

To all our friends around China, let’s meet soon. We are as well working with SIERRA TEQUILA for this tour, which means we should definitely enjoy some shots together !

Stay tuned for more information !

PYRO: http://pyromusic.cn/profiles/punx69



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