An EDM Hero was Born..

At the Don Diablo Show

Yesterday Don Diablo had somewhat of a speed bump you could say in the beginning of his China tour. Take a look below and see for yourself, no DJ should have to experience that level of disrespect.

Not even 5 minutes into his set in the south of China, one of the patrons threw what appeared to be a filled bag at the headlining act. This crude gesture prompted Big Pineapple (the designated Chinese nickname for Mr.Diablo) to cut the song mid-build and call out the rude boy. He stated, “look, we’re not gonna be able to continue until whoever threw that gets pointed out and tossed out.”

In response, half the crowd shouts “Yeah..woooo..” and other forms of cheering unknowingly understanding his English. He waits not another minute waiting for the clueless crowd to summon the perpetrator before heading backstage.

At this point, the EDM hero realises he has a decision to make: sacrifice his Don Diablo experience and miss out on the show for the benefit of all other patrons, or wait with the crowd in silence hoping Don comes back out. He opted to take one for the team.

Don returned shortly thereafter saying that he loved China and wasn’t going to let one rude concert-goer ruin it for everyone, right on Don, right on.

The hero ended up getting a dose of instant karma right after the show as he got a personal meet & greet with photo opp on top of a cleared name from The Don himself who patted him on the back.

Moral of the story, the nice guy doesnt alway finish last! Go out there and be a hero today


My name's Anthony, a 27 year old from California thats balls deep in electronic music. After going to my first rave [EDC] way back when, I was forever changed. I'm all about DJing, producing and always on the hunt for new talent and organizing parties. I'm a sucker for anything with a fat bassline whether its Techno, G-house, or dubstep, I don't discriminate.

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