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PYRO Correspondent, Anthony, sits down with Confession label boss Tchami before his set at Fusion to discuss his roots & future goals, Chace’s Remix of his Adieu single, and impressions on China.


T – Tchami (A Big Deal)

A – Anthony (PYRO Reporter)







A- This is your first time in China, what are your first impressions of the middle kingdom?

Yes, I really love china already, I think its a very alive country, have had a great welcome so far.

A-Have you gotten to try any of the food, like spicy food?

Yes, I’ve gotten to try some of the food and I like spicy but not too spicy!

A – You’ve gotten a taste of what China has to offer with the recent release of Chace’s remix of your mesmerising “Adieu” single, how did that record fall into your lap?

Actually thats Jim from Yellow Claw who sent it to me and he said “So Chace, wanted to do a remix of your single Adieu” and the second I heard it, I loved it.

A- You started that Confession label of yours back in 2015, how has that whole experience been since its inception? Other than making you infinitely more busy!

Its great! I mean owning a label is great responsibility for the artists you work with, but its incredible the connections you build with your fellow artists as opposed to not having a label. So for me its a great way to share with the artists and the people.

A- You took some of the Confession regulars, specifically the Frenchies, out on a Pardon My French tour, did that have a more homey and special vibe to it being with a close group such as yourselves?

Yeah it was very intimate, but not too much haha! We are all friends and thats how we do things you know? For me, its great to have friendship while working towards your goals together. Its always the honesty that pushes us forward; you’ll always hear “yes, yes, this is dope” when only your true friends will tell you the truth like “Yo this is shit, you need to start over.”

A- Since the birth of Future House many years ago, the subgenera inevitably followed suit, all of which Confession has released in one form or another – do you have any strong opinions or preferences on the bass heavy G house that Malaa is focusing on or bass house that Mercer is honing his sound on?

As long as everyones doing their thing with authenticity, I’m cool with it.

A- I caught your MainStage set at UMF Miami a few months back and am equally excited for your club set tonight at Fusion Shanghai, do you have a preference towards festival sets or club gigs?

Thank you, and I’m excited for tonight too. Its two different vibes you know? I kinda prefer clubs, the crowd is right in front of you, at the festival they’re so far. And I prefer to play dark, deep house in the clubs and at the festivals I always play bangers.

A- Festival season is coming up, you’re taking off for Ultra Singapore right after this in addition to many more, what are you most excited for this summer?

No I mean, I’m excited to discover a lot of new places and we’re going to have a pretty strong summer as you said, so I’m just excited for it all!

A- There are many producers here in China that don’t have the same resources that the rest of the world has like Youtube tutorials or forums, can you offer any advice to the many that are trying to follow in Chaces’ footsteps and get signed to such a reputable label as your confession?

Stick to your gut, everyone has a phase that you need to be able to assimilate and copy other peoples sounds, and thats what even I’ve been through. But for the Tchami project, I put all that aside and started with my own influences which is you know hip hop, R&B, soul, funk, and obviously house music and I mixed it all up. To make it short, just be honest with yourself and do what you like. For the Chinese unable to access tutorials, I think it would be a good idea to create a workshop.

 A – Yeah thats a great idea, we actually organise those at PYRO and I was planning on asking you, but I know you guys are on a tight schedule! Lets do it next time

Yeah for sure!

A- What do you look for in the demos that you listen to? Any consistent qualities or features that catch your ear?

I’m following the current direction at Confession right now, which is bass house that is heavy and dark, but it can also be melodic. I’m not stuck in one genre, I’m all about the energy and if you’re in the right state mind bringing the right vibes. I want every producer to have their own sound, its all about authenticity; I don’t want one artist to sound like any other artist already on Confession.

A- What can we expect form yourself and Confession in the coming months, any projects or releases you can share?

There will be music in the next month from me! So just throwing that out there 😉



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