Krewella + Yellow Claw: New World

Fantastic Collab, out now!

Ever since the success of their EP New World Part 1, released back in June, Krewella has been flirting with the idea of releasing a follow-up. While talks of a potential New World Part 2 remains pure speculation at the moment, the duo have released a new single to satiate their fans.

The new track, a collaboration with Amsterdam trap trio Yellow Claw, is titled “New World” — a title certain to cause speculation — and is a dramatic collision of the groups’ versatile, bass-heavy production styles. The track starts off with the Yousaf sisters’ familiar vocals, ably complemented by a hip-hop inspired rolling drum sample and eerie background synths. The intro soon melts into the scintillating bass drop, which features Yellow Claw’s typical chaotic style — making this bass-monster ideally suited for large, open venues and heavy duty sound systems.


My name's Anthony, a 27 year old from California thats balls deep in electronic music. After going to my first rave [EDC] way back when, I was forever changed. I'm all about DJing, producing and always on the hunt for new talent and organizing parties. I'm a sucker for anything with a fat bassline whether its Techno, G-house, or dubstep, I don't discriminate.

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