Shalanaya X PYRO Mixtape Contest Winner

​Shalanaya started 5 years ago with one man’s dream to give China something it had never experienced before: a continuous 3-day party with international sounds and alternative art. Fueled by this passion, he gathered a group of die hard festival goers and artists that helped him turn his dream into a reality.

Shalanaya in collaboration with PYRO Music is organizing a mixtape competition available to all talented DJs based in China. The mix is permitted to be up to 60 minutes long to showcase their mixing skills and song taste. Shalanaya will choose their TOP TWO mixtapes at the end of the month of September and reward them both with a paid DJ set at their annual festival just outside Shanghai in October!

This is a golden opportunity for all aspiring DJs striving to get a taste of the festival experience from the other side of the stage. In addition, this will be a paid booking totalling 1,000 RMB each DJ, airfare, and hotel costs paid in full in order to perform on the designated night [if not based in Shanghai].

PYRO Music in association with Shalanaya Music Festival has finished up its first collaborative mixtape contest, which seeked out 2 PYRO DJs to play at their 5th edition of the Psy-Trance & Techno festival.

Shalanaya Music Festival, after careful deliberation, reached a conclusion of these 2 winners to join the official line up. Congratulations to these DJs that not only assembled a quality mix, but pushed it hard to qualify!

DJ : Mushroom

DJ : DjCleon_H元赫

One thing to note, there were over 30 mixtape submissions that all showcased their mixing skills and personal song selection. However, only about half promoted their carefully crafted mixtape well enough to reach at least 50 votes, which could be in the forms of likes and/or comments. Its a shame that some mixtapes can’t enter to win because of this, but marketing is absolutely essential in this industry – and this is a first hand experience that reflects that.

Overall, this mixtape contest edition was another great success. And we would like to thank each and every DJ that took the time to put themselves out there and flex their skills ~ Remember, you never know, if you don’t try!

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