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升级VIP ? Become PYRO VIP ?

How to upgrade to PYRO VIP [STEPS]


[Offline Play,VIP ONLY]
[Unlimited Downloads,VIP ONLY]
[VIP Exclusive,VIP ONLY]

How much does it cost?

The VIP account costs 200 RMB per year or 20 RMB a month.

What does it include?

Save your data. Download all your favorite tracks on Wi-Fi so you can play them offline when your out and about.

●  Unlimited Downloads

Own the music! Feel free to download as many tracks as you like with PYRO VIP.

 VIP Exclusive

Be VIP for all PYRO collaborated events. PYRO Music often collaborates with event organizers through out China. Package often includes leverage for PYRO VIPs only such as ticket discount, freebies etc. This is one special perk for being PYRO VIP.

 Support iOS and Android

How to upgrade to PYRO VIP?
Very easy! Just follow the following steps!


Download PYRO音乐 APP


PYRO Updates

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