Made In China

New PYRO playlist featuring Productions from the Middle Kingdom

Be Original.

No, this is not an Adidas ad; but we do share some of the same values shhh!

We at PYRO take pride in being original and helping other original artists that are working hard, pushing themselves to learn and going above & beyond to promote their efforts.

There are so many great UGC productions being uploaded to PYRO on a daily basis. We constantly try to introduce new and unique ways to help you promote your content and grow. Whether its by our monthly remix & mixtape contests (check out our new contest!), PYRO wants you to be successful.

With that said, PYROMAN has decided to create a new bi-weekly playlist that will consists solely of Original Productions and Remixes created by artists in China. This is not limited Chinese, rather all producers based here aka Made In China! Also, ALL genres are welcome.

Volume I of Made In China


If you have a new production that you’re proud of and want a little extra help promoting, then send it over to our PYRO DJ Support wechat, or email the PYRO link to

All submissions are not guaranteed placement on the playlist, even if all qualifications are met;  PYRO still encourages all artists to promote each and every track, remix, mixtape, mash-up as hard as they can, because That Is What It Takes To Make It!

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing all the great productions MADE IN CHINA!


My name's Anthony, a 27 year old from California thats balls deep in electronic music. After going to my first rave [EDC] way back when, I was forever changed. I'm all about DJing, producing and always on the hunt for new talent and organizing parties. I'm a sucker for anything with a fat bassline whether its Techno, G-house, or dubstep, I don't discriminate.

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