XO Tour Llif3Producer TM88 vs. Atlantic Records

Lil Uzi Vert top producer reportedly not paid a cent for the beat + Watch video of his beat production!
All My Friends Are Dead.

Remember the song “XO Tour Llif3?” Thought so, it was only one of the biggest, if the not the biggest, songs last year; it went five-times certified platinum in the U.S., and played a large part in Uzi’s star rising in 2017. Back in September of last year, it was reported that Lil Uzi Vert’s label, Atlantic Records, would be raking in something to the tune of $4.5 million off of streams alone of Uzi’s smash hit “XO Tour Llif3.” While many were shocked at Uzi reportedly pocketing more than $900,000 of that money, heads are even more shocked to hear TM88 hasn’t been paid anything for producing the track.

That’s right, Tour Life beat maker TM88 has noted on twitter, displayed below, that he hasn’t been sent a dime for the track:

Never got paid for xo,” TM88 tweeted, saying he’s been “ballin off old checks.” He tweeted this after saying that Atlantic Records “ain’t paid niggas shit,” but before calling Atlantic the “worst label in the history of fuck shit.”

Further, looking at the two figures given, Uzi bringing in only $900,000 grand of the 4.5 million worth of revenue from streams alone begs the question, how much longer will artists continue to release on these bigger labels? There are many start-up companies and independent labels that focus on the artist and their success growing in popularity, which may be the future.

Its seems the beef between TM88 and atlantic wont stop the magic from being made between him and Uzi check out their new track, Mood.

As an added bonus, check out how he made this platinum beat on a tiny Beats Pill speaker on Fruity Loops and what Uzi really means when he says All My Friends Are Dead ~


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